A Year in Quiz

After one year, there have been 29 quizzes distributed like so:

That's 1,450 questions over the year.

2% were about porn films.


There were 2 quizmasters this year. The letters in their names were distributed like this:

The highest turnout was 32 teams in Freshers' Week. The lowest was 8 a couple of weeks back.

On average, there were 17 teams.

Attendence looked something like this:

There were 11 regular teams in Semester 1 and 12 in Semester 2.

Now, if we assume there were 5 people per team, and take the average 17 teams, that's approximately 85 people in attendence each week.

Using the average Scottish height of 1.65 metres (that's about 5' 6"), if we stood these 85 people on each others' heads, they would be as tall as Appleton tower.

Here's an "artist's" representation of how that might look:

And if we blithely assume that everyone had three pints of alcohol whilst there, that's 145 litres of booze consumed week on week.

That's, like, three and a half humans. Gross.


The average score for the whole year was 58.35.

Over time, the average scores turned out like this:

And for those of you who missed the second semester accumulator, it finished like so

Team Total score Average score
The team with the rude names 1182 73.9
...: The Musical 1153 72.1
Allez l'equipe 1123 70.2
Rachel is a ... 1090 68.1
"The architects" 972 64.8
Still quizzing after all these years 874 54.6
Quiztina Aguilera 785 56.1
Gary Mason and the Shineys 749 62.4
Big Beat Manifesto 689 62.6
The Hopeless Five 557 55.7

Have a great summer, everyone! We hope to see you all soon!